How To Create Catchy Blog Post Title?

Do you know 80% of the visitors read blog titles, but only 20% click and read your article? The blog title is the first part of your blog post a visitor encounters. Thus, it is important to have a catchy blog post title.

The aim of a blog post title is to entice the reader to click and read your article. A catchy blog post title improves the click-through rate (CTR) of your article. So, How do you come up with catchy blog post titles for most clicks?

In this article, We will discuss blog post titles, different types of blog post titles. You will get the tips to create catchy headlines that improve the click-through rate of your blog post.

Here are the topics we cover:

Let’s get started by defining the blog post title.

What is a Blog Post Title?


The blog post title is the headline visitors see without visiting your blog post. It’s the first part of your blog post a visitor views.

They click on the blog post title to read the full blog post. The headlines describe the topics covered in the blog post.

It’s the part of the blog post visible in the search results and social media shares. A good blog title improves the click-through rate of your blog post.

Why Blog Post Title is Important?


The blog post title is the first thing a visitor views on your blog posts. It helps the visitors in finding your blog post in search engines and on social media.

A good blog title or headline catches a visitor’s attention. It entices the visitor to click-through and read the blog post.

If you don’t invest your time in coming up with good titles. It will result in a few clicks and very little traffic to your site.

In contrast, a good blog title gets more clicks. Thus driving more traffic to your site and better conversions.

It’s important to have catchy headlines because:

  • It informs the visitor about the topic you are covering.
  • A good blog title improves traffic from the search engines.
  • It improves the click-through rate of your site.
  • Provides a reason for clicking through and reading your blog post.

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What are Different Types Of Blog Post Titles?


The different types of blog titles are:

How To Blog Post Title

The “How To” Blog post title is the third most popular post title. The how-to titles provide information about a specific topic or action. Use this type of title for blog posts imparting knowledge or skill.

The How-To Blog Title Examples:

  • How To ………in x easy steps?
  • How I make…….. In………?
  • How To………. That Drives……….?
  • How To Start a Blog?

Why Blog Post Title

The Why titles explore the reason behind the topic. Use this type of blog post title for posts that explain and describe the reasons for a topic.

Why Blog Post Title Examples:

Number or Statistic Blog Post Title

The number-based title begins with a number or statistics. Use this title for composing a listicle or list post. They are one of the most popular blog titles.

Number/Statistics Based Blog Post Examples:

Promise Blog Post Title

This type of blog post title promises a lot of valuable information to a visitor. It may be a Case study, an ultimate guide or a huge listicle.

Get A………Without
Free…………Worth $…….. With……… Till weekend.
The Ultimate Guide To…….
The Ultimate Guide to Blog Comments For Beginners?

Scarcity Blog Post Title

It is a blog title that promises hidden or rare information. As if very few people have the secrets promised in the headline.

Scarcity Blog Post Title Examples:

  • Little known Ways ………That Will.
  • At last, the Secret to…………. is Revealed.
  • Discover the Secret……………..
  • World’s Top……….. Reveal Little Know secrets.
  • Best Tip Ever………

Controversial Blog Post Title

This type of blog post title takes a controversial stand on a topic. It gains attention by challenging the reader’s beliefs, knowledge or values.

Controversial blog post title examples:

  • …………………….is dead.
  • Why You Should Stop………..and do instead.
  • What They……… Is Wrong. Do this……..
  • The Truth Behind………..
  • Why I………… And You Should Too?

Command Blog Post Title

A command title is a direct command to the reader to take a specific action. It consists of a strong action word for the reader.

Command blog post title examples:

  • Stop……………………….
  • Teach Yourself…….In……..
  • Try This………………….

Versus Blog Post Title

A versus post title compares two items or products against each other. They form great headlines for comparison blog posts.

Versus blog post example:

  • X vs Y
  • Which is better X or Y

Tips for Creating Catchy Blog Post Titles


Here are a few tips that will help you create catchy blog titles:

Write 10+ Headlines or Catchy Blog Post Title and Use One

The blog title is the most important part of your blog post. Get it wrong and you will lose most of the traffic to your competitors. Thus, try coming up with 10+ headlines and then use the best one for your blog post.

Read and Analyze Headlines

Make it a habit to read and analyze the headlines. Pay attention to the headlines in newspapers, magazines, social media or blog posts. Analyse why you like or dislike the headline.

Gather the headlines with notes in a swipe file. Reuse these engaging headlines for your own blog posts.

Perfect Headline Formula

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The experts come up with formulas based upon these best performing headlines. These headlines are time tested and proven.

Use these formulas to create your own headlines. Copy these formulas into your swipe file. Here is a post on headline formulas by Buffer.

The Blog Post Title Should Be Clear and Concise

The headline should state the aim of your article. It should not confuse or misguide the visitor.

Express your topic in a few words. An accurate and specific title delivers more information in fewer words.

Use Focus Keyword in the Blog Post Title

The blog post title is the most important SEO factor. So, include the topic keywords in the blog post title.

If possible, try using the important keywords at the beginning of the headline. It will inform the search engines about your blog post topic.

Keep the Blog Post Title Short

You should keep the blog title short. Try to keep the headline under 70 characters. A short title does not truncate in the search engine results (SERPs).

A catchy blog post title with 6 to 8 words have a 21% better click-through rate (CTR).

Title truncation removes the part of your headline. Thus, leaving out some of the information you need to deliver in the headline.

Invoke Curiosity

A good blog title should kindle the curiosity of the reader. To do so use words that invoke curiosity. E.g, “What they don’t want you to know” or “Aren’t telling you”.

These sentences have wide appeal. As people look for tips to outsmart others.

Here are the words that make readers curious:

Reasons, Ways, Tips, Secrets, Facts, Methods, Tricks, Techniques, Strategies, Ideas, Insiders strategies, Surprising hacks, Little known, etc

Use Power words

The power of words make a title persuasive and triggers a strong response in the readers. These words have a strong effect on human emotions.
Here is the list of powerful words that you can use:

Essential, Ultimate, Overnight, Amazing, Delightful, Mesmerizing, Transform, Fascinating, Supercharge.

Show Benefits to Your Readers

Each one of us wants to improve upon our knowledge and skills. Thus, a headline demonstrating or promising a benefit gets more clicks.

But remember not to use click baits headlines. Deliver whatever you promise in your headline.

Help Your Readers With A Task

We look for step by step processes for some tasks. Use blog headlines that promise to teach a specific skill or impart knowledge.

After the user clicks through your topic. Give them a step by step guide to complete that specific task.

Create Urgency

We don’t care when something is not time-sensitive. But, when something is urgent we tend to be attentive and careful.

If you create a sense of urgency in your headline. You will get more clicks. Most people do not want to miss out on time-sensitive, interesting, and useful content.

Create Imagery with Words

It’s a common saying “A picture is worth thousands of words”. Alternatively, you can paint a picture using words in the readers’ minds.

The use of vivid and descriptive words will entice the readers. These types of words paint imagery in the readers’ minds.

Use Numbers and Lists

As per statistics, 36% of readers prefer list-based headlines. Readers love to read well-organised content. The use of numbers and lists arrange the information in easy to digest format.

Using numbers and lists provides structure to your blog post. It also helps in better readability and provides concrete steps for a specific task.

Headlines with stats enjoy a higher click-through rate (CTR). These headlines generate more impressions for your site.

Use Brackets, Colons and Hyphens

The use of brackets/parentheses makes your headline stand out. You can use year in the brackets to show the timeliness of an article.

Parentheses are suitable for giving a reason to the reader for clicking. E.g, a bonus or giveaway, etc.

A colon or hyphen in the headline the click-through rate by 9%.

Help Find the Mistakes

Most of us avoid committing mistakes. Thus, you grab readers’ attention by talking about errors, mistakes, and fixes.

These types of headlines invoke fear and trigger action. Thus, directly address the common fears, mistakes and errors of your target audience.

Ask A Question

People look for answers to their problems online. Asking questions creates curiosity as people expect a response. Moreover, when a reader is looking for information, he will respond positively.

Find out the questions your target audience is asking online. Stir the imagination of your readers. Create the headlines around those topics and answer their queries.

Use SEO Keywords Naturally

The blog post title is the most important factor in SEO. Don’t forget to include your target keywords in the blog title.

Try to include your target keywords at the beginning of the title. If that is not possible, include it somewhere in the blog title. Avoid stuffing the keyword, include it in a natural way.

Use Blog Title / Headline Generators

Blog title generators is an easy way to come up with catchy blog titles. Hit enter after you plug your focus keyword or topic in the headline generator. You will get a laundry list of blog post titles.

Go through the headlines and pick the best ones. Focus on the tips we have discussed above when picking the headlines.

Here is a list of the best blog headline generator tools:

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A blog post headline is the first part of your blog post seen by a reader. The sole purpose of a headline is to grab the reader’s attention. So, he clicks through your headline and read your article.

Avoid using clickbait headlines to deceive the reader. Rather use it to attract the reader and then overdeliver on the promise.

A catchy blog post title should cater to the interest of your target audience. It should also answer their queries and needs.

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